Halal Products

It all started when entertaining some Muslim friends,  we tried to find good quality Halal cured/cold meats to use as Tapas.  Unimpressed with the Halal selection available, we contacted one of our suppliers to ask him if he knew anybody that did good quality Halal products.  They send us some samples and the rest is history. 

Our Muslim friends and customers are enjoying the best Halal Cecina de Leon (cured beef), which holds several national and international prestigious food awards.

Its high content in natural protein, natural ingredients (beef, salt and natural smoke) make it ideal for fitness crazy, healthy eating conscious and those with hectic life styles and even allergy sufferers.

Our customers keep telling us that our Halal Cecina de Leon (cured beef) “melts in the mouth”.  We can only agree with them, because it is true!

Enjoy every moment!