El Abuelo Maragato - Premium Reserved Cured Beef

El Abuelo Maragato - Premium Reserved Cured Beef


We offer a premium and exclusive Cecina de Leon IGP, El Abuelo Maragato Limited Edition, (Cured Beef) by selecting the best cuts from the Hindquarter of cows weighting more than 800 Kg. This exceptional pieces of Cecina de Leon (Cured Beef) are obtain and very carefully cured for more than 18 months, using the best “know how” and in compliance with norms required by the IGP Regulator Consensus for Cecina de Leon. We add only NATURAL ingredients (beef, Salt and Natural Smoke) to this delicious and juicy beef to obtain an unique and exclusive product.

Cecina Premium Reserve Beef with its own seal of Quality: IGP Cecina de Leon, a Gastronomical Masterpiece.

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  • Remove from the package 20 minute before eating and keep it at room temperature for optimum tasting or run under lukewarm water for 1 minute, remove the plastic and it is ready to enjoy.
  • Separate the slices and arrange them on a plate to enjoy alone or with a few drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • The perfect appetizer for a Healthy Diet.